Baccarat Pulling Team And Facts You Must Know

Baccarat pulling group often advertised as a way to reap huge profits in the betting world. This has made many people interested and excited to participate. However, before deciding to participate, you need to research carefully. Article by OK9 can help you better understand the reliability and quality of these groups.

What is a Baccarat pull group?

Baccarat pull group is a community on social networks, where experts in the field of Baccarat share experiences, betting results and playing strategies to help participants increase their chances of winning. In fact, many gamers have earned significant amounts of money from joining this group.

There are two popular types of Baccarat draw groups: free and paid. The free group will have a large number of members, but the quality of information is not guaranteed. In contrast, paid groups often have a smaller number of members, but the information is provided by experienced and reputable experts.

In addition, not only Baccarat, there are also many groups operating for other games such as coin toss, Sic Bo, lottery, etc. Each group has its own advantages and disadvantages and different levels of prestige. To ensure safety and effectiveness when participating, you should carefully learn from reliable sources of information about the origin and evaluation of each group.

How does Baccarat pulling group work?

To join the Baccarat pull group, players usually need to contact themselves and ask to join the group. However, before deciding to join, it is very important to carefully analyze the nature and activities of the group.

Usually the process of joining this group is quite simple. You just need to request to join active groups on platforms such as Telegram, Skype, Zalo, or Facebook.

Once approved, you can request to “pull” your account toward profit. During the game, you will share the screen and the team leader will assist you in analyzing, instructing effective playing strategies and making accurate predictions.

Some groups operate for a fee, while others operate for free. In the case of a free group, you usually will not receive direct consultation but can only share your screen, ask questions to receive answers about specific strategies and formulas.

Should we trust Baccarat pulling groups?

Playing Baccarat in groups is an increasingly popular form. However, many players are concerned that these groups may be scams. So what is the truth?

Baccarat drawing groups can help players have a higher winning rate by applying prediction methods, card betting, and other effective strategies. In addition, joining a group also helps save time and effort in researching and analyzing bets.

However, besides the benefits, joining Baccarat pulling groups also carries risks. The biggest risk of these groups is being scammed.

Fraudulent groups can collect your personal information and use it to appropriate assets. They often provide initial benefits to create trust, which then create a continuous loss situation, leading to financial loss.

How do fraudulent Baccarat pulling groups usually work?

Currently, there are many fraudulent Baccarat groups operating widely online. Here are some suggestions for how you can stay away from these groups and protect yourself from potential risks:

Required to provide account password

Your account password is important information and should not be disclosed to anyone. Reputable groups will never ask players for account passwords. If a Baccarat pulling group asks you for your password, it is a sign of a scam group. Their purpose is to collect your account information to perform fraudulent actions, including withdrawing money from betting wallets. Although most bookmakers require linking to official bank accounts, there are still websites that allow withdrawals using scratch cards or coins, creating a great risk of losing your assets.
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100% guaranteed victory

There is no method that can guarantee 100% winning in betting. If someone promises 100% winning, it is a sign of a scam. Scam groups often use this tactic to attract players, often by posting pictures or videos of players winning bets. However, in fact these images and videos are often fake and used to deceive players.

Require players to deposit money first

Reliable Baccarat betting groups often offer their services for free or for a small fee. If a group asks players to deposit large amounts of money in advance, it is a sign of a scam group. Their purpose is to appropriate players’ money. After the player deposits money, the fraud group often disappears or cuts off contact.

Lack of clear contact information

If a group does not provide clear contact information, there is a high possibility that it is a scam group. Fraud groups often use virtual accounts and do not have specific contact information, which makes it difficult for players to find and report the fraud group or get their money back.

Virtual membership

A fraud group often creates many virtual members to create trust for players. To test the trustworthiness of the group, you can try messaging each member to see if they respond. If they are fake accounts, the response time will be very long or there will be no response.

Spam to attract members

Currently, there are many spam accounts on social networks trying to attract people to join the group. These accounts often spam in many different ways and are very committed. However, these are often not reputable groups, operate mainly for profit and are not effective, so you should stay away.

Who organized the fraudulent Baccarat group?

Usually there are two main types of people behind Baccarat groups that scam and attract players. Usually it will be:

Employees or agents of the bookmaker (50% trust level)

Part of the fraud group may be created by employees or agents of the bookmakers. These people are often paid by the house to attract players and share commissions from their play. The model works like multi-level marketing. When joining these groups, you will often receive enthusiastic support and be able to solve any problems you encounter while playing. However, their accuracy is usually not high because their purpose is to motivate players to play more to gain more money.

The group sells tools, apps and shares the winnings

This group specializes in selling support tools and software with the claim that it always wins. These are often “dens” that you should stay away from. These tools are ineffective and are often part of a phishing strategy.

How to find a reputable Baccarat pulling group

To find a reputable Baccarat pulling group, you can follow these guidelines:

Reviews from others

Finding reviews from past or current members of the sites can help you identify reputable groups. Quality groups often receive positive reviews from members, while scam groups are often exposed right on their websites.

Search on social networks

When searching on social networks, groups with exciting activities often attract more or less members to participate. Stories about effective Baccarat tactics and methods are often discussed. You can read the comments to identify if the group is a scam. You should choose a group with a large number of members to receive useful advice from experts.

Join the Baccarat pull group on Telegram or Zalo

Often these groups will have an automatic member approval process. However, you should observe for a while to ensure effectiveness before registering to become an official member.


Joining a Baccarat pulling group can bring you attractive payouts if you choose a reputable group. However, this is only true when you put your trust in the right place. Take the time to research thoroughly and evaluate objectively to make the best choice for yourself.

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