European Handicap – Revealing How to Read and Tips to Play for Sure Winning

European odds are one of the popular soccer betting odds that many people love. Therefore, how to read and tips on playing European football odds are also of interest to many players. So what is European football betting? How to read European odds most effectively and accurately? All will be summarized and guided by New88 experts through the article below. Let’s find out together!

What is European handicap?

European odds (also known as 1×2 odds) are a type of bet that players can easily see on the bookmaker’s odds board. This is a soccer bet that many people consider easy to understand, easy to play and has a high winning rate. You don’t need to think too much about over/under odds or Asian odds. Players only need to make betting predictions for the home team, away team or two tied teams when participating in betting.

In addition, European soccer odds also apply to the first half or the entire match. A type of bet suitable for newbies when starting to experience the world of soccer betting. However, to win, players need to know how to calculate and have the skills to research and analyze certain odds.

New88 guides you on how to read European odds most accurately

According to experts New88, the way to read European odds is quite simple. First, you need to grasp the following symbols and legends:

  • FT.1X2: Abbreviation for Full time 1×2, meaning bet on the whole match.
  • 1H.1X2: Abbreviation for First Half 1×2, meaning first half bet.

In there: 

  • 1: Place the upper bet on the home team.
  • X: Bet on 2 teams to draw.
  • 2: Set the door for the away team.

To help players understand better, please refer to the following example:

In the UEFA Champions League final match between Real Madrid vs Liverpool, you see the odds are written 1.25* 2.5* 1.75. In that match, Real Madrid was the home team, Liverpool was the away team and Real Madrid was the upper team and was rated higher. The odds are expressed as follows:

  • If Real Madrid wins the match, the bettor will receive 1.25 times the value of the original bet.
  • In case the two teams tie, the player will receive 2.5 times the bet amount they initially placed.
  • If Real Madrid loses, you will receive 1.75 times the amount you bet.

Those are the most basic instructions for reading European odds for players. The rules of the game are extremely simple and anyone can participate in betting. In order to make accurate judgments, players need to clearly understand the performance, confrontation history, lineup, etc. of the two teams in the match. Thus, the player’s ability to win European bets will be higher.
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Why should you participate in European odds at New88?

Bookmaker New88 offers European odds to bring players richness and diversity in sports betting. The number of members participating in this betting bet is also increasing on the system. So what makes this house so popular? The following reasons will fully answer your question:

New88 is a reputable soccer betting house

New88 is a long-standing, reputable online soccer betting site on the market. The house has a team of staff who are all leading experts in the field. Over many years of operation, the unit has continuously improved service quality, updating more interesting forms of soccer betting to meet the needs of bettors. Besides, New88 is a playground certified by PAGCOR for safety and security.

Bookmaker Fiv88 offers bets on all major and small tournaments in the world. Here, players can participate in placing bets on: C1 Cup, Premier League, World Cup, La Liga, … or domestic tournaments of Vietnam, Korea, Japan, … The number of bets opened is constant. There can be up to 300 bets from tournaments around the world every day.

The betting lobby clearly shows bet types and match information with many options for players. You can choose Asian odds, 1×2 odds, over/under odds,… depending on your preferences. The house also regularly deploys new, exclusive bet types with high winning rates. 

High payout rate

European odds are known to many bettors as one of the types of bets with attractive payout rates at bookmaker New88. Players participating in soccer betting at the house will have the opportunity to receive quite large prizes. This is one of the ways to help you use your capital effectively.

New information about the match will be updated soon

So that you can freely choose the match when participating in soccer betting. Bookmaker New88 always fully updates the latest information about that match. You can refer to these details to be able to deposit money appropriately.

The house has a professional betting team

Football betting house New88 owns a team of talented and experienced staff. Has been active in betting for many years and is considered successful in this type of soccer betting. Specializing in analyzing and predicting matches in the most accurate way. Thanks to that, there are quite accurate suggestions for bettors before the match starts. 

Many top promotions

The biggest advantage of bookmaker New88 is launching many attractive promotions that bring bettors a lot of value. If players participate in European handicap betting at the house, they should not miss these attractive promotional policies. This is a simple and effective way for you to increase your existing bet amount.

Before participating in the promotion, bettors need to carefully read the relevant regulations of the house. This is quite important to avoid the situation where you do not fully meet the necessary requirements.

Experience in European betting from experts

When players have mastered how to read odds to win when participating in European bets. In addition, you need to pocket the unique tips that experts have accumulated and summarized during the betting process:

  • Choose the most appropriate and accurate time: Players should compare and place bets about 2-3 days before the match takes place. Because the house will rarely change the odds during this time. You are more likely to win when betting on this type of European handicap. In particular, you should not choose to bet close to the match’s starting time because the odds will be constantly changed by the house.
  • Find out full information about the two teams: Before you bet on any match, you should take the time to learn about the performance, the players on the field, the coach’s tactics, etc. At the same time, players need to observe the odds offered by the house.
  • Choose a reputable bookmaker: Every time you participate in betting, you need to remember to find a reputable bookmaker to place your bet. This will help players feel secure in placing bets and winning big. So which is the most reputable soccer betting house today? New88 is definitely the top choice. Come here and experience, surely you will not be disappointed.

Hopefully through the above article by experts at New88, you can better understand how to read European handicaps. This is a type of bet that is not difficult to play. With just a little research and analysis, you can make the correct choices for yourself. Wishing all bettors success and the most relaxing moments of soccer betting!

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