Exciting Indian Fusion Dessert Ideas with a Twist

This is the best selection of Indian fusion desserts to serve at parties and occasions. These modern desserts are often a twist on the traditional Indian sweet, creating something unique and exciting for the festive months

Indian fusion desserts

10 Exciting Indian Fusion Dessert Ideas

Indian sweets are enjoyed throughout the year and are devoured across the globe! They are often served to guests at weddings, parties and get-togethers. They are also prepared at home – because who needs an excuse to make desserts?

Some of the most well-known classic Indian desserts are chocolate barfi, Mysore Pak, gulab jamun, jalebis and carrot halwa. Aren’t you interested in knowing how to prepare these wonderful modern Indian fusion desserts? Let us read more about them below.

Chocolate Barfi

First on our list, is everybody’s favourite, chocolate barfi. It is prepared with a creamy plain milk barfi that is then layered with milk chocolate. We can assure you that it is amazingly creamy & fudgy.

You can use your own ingredients to prepare this delicious item. It comes from milk chocolate, Cadbury Cocoa Powder, a handful of cashews & cardamom. This delicious barfi is the ultimate Indian dessert that any chocolate lover can’t resist.

Mysore Pak

Next, we have a special Indian sweet dish. Like the laddoo, the king of Indian sweets, the Mysore Pak, was a royal sweet dish prepared among the Mysore royal households. It is a very gentle dish that can simply melt inside your mouth, with ghee, sugar, and gram flour.

You can add your own twist to it with the help of Cadbury Cocoa Powder. Now, celebrate the joys of your life, with every bite as the delicate flavours melt inside your mouth. This buttery and nutty dish will melt in your mouth. Why not try the mysore pak recipe today?

Vanilla Caramel Chocolate Barfi

We have another dish in store for you, the Vanilla Caramel Chocolate Barfi. Yes, that is right. The sweet dish is prepared using vanilla, caramel and chocolate. You can’t say no to these three ingredients, can you?

They come in three layers and provide a stunning look to the sweet dish. It forms a symphony that you feel would be a sin to bite into and ruin the texture of it. Did you know that this dish was inspired by another popular sweet dish, the Millionaires shortbread?

Now, why don’t you make use of the Vanilla, caramel and your own chocolate-flavoured layers combined to create a modern barfi recipe?

Baklava Barfi

The Baklava barfi is a sweet dish that got its inspiration from the famous Baklava, a Turkish sweet dish that is full of sugar syrup drenched in the cheese preparation. You can give your own twist to this amazing dish, and come with something special for your family.

You can make use of a ribbon of sweet baklava nuts that are elegantly sandwiched between plain white milk. I feel that the dish is suitable for any popular Indian festival like Eid, Diwali, and Christmas.

Almond Butter Barfi Bars

The Almond Butter Barfi is another interesting sweet dish that comes prepared from a combination of Cadbury Cocoa Powder, almonds, and butter. You will be happy with yourself, as you take a bite, and feel the crunch of a biscuit base.

Likewise, you can feel the luscious creamy chocolate topping as well. The middle layer is for your imagination to take over. You can make use of plain white milk powder if you want. I may suggest that you use a chocolate ganache on the top, and the bottom layer is a digestive biscuit base.

Pumpkin Kalakand

Who likes to eat the kalakand? The kalakand is a popular Indian sweet dish that is quite similar to the milk peda. This pumpkin kalakand is an exciting take on the traditional Indian sweet. Kalakand, also called the mishri mawa.

You can prepare it from paneer and khoya. The dish can be prepared and served during some of the most popular Indian festivals like Diwali & Holi. But, you don’t need a festival to prepare this sweet dish at home.

Chocolate and Rose Indian Milk Cake

Chocolate and Rose Indian milk cake is simply a match that is made in heaven. This delicious Indian fusion can be popped inside your mouth to celebrate any happy occasion. The milk cake coated with chocolate layering, and a layer of rose flavours, gives you the ultimate feeling of love.

A small twist of the Indian kalakand. Go ahead, and impress your loved ones with this special sweet dish.

Chai Peda

If you are fond of drinking Indian tea or chai, then you for sure, will adore this sweet dish. The Chai Peda dish is prepared with real chai and a few more ingredients. You can prepare using your microwave as well.

Mango, Coconut and Badam Laddoo

This dish is definitely one of my favourites. Who does not like to have mangoes and coconuts? Imagine, fusing them together. What you get is the very delightful mango, coconut, and badam laddoo.

Laddoos have always been a significant food item for any Indian occasion. Be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or just about a small promotion at the office. An auspicious occasion demands laddoo.

You need to use these ingredients along with some Cadbury Cocoa Powder to come up with something interesting. The almond, mango, and coconut laddoo will definitely melt in your mouth. But some items don’t need an occasion, do they? Why not prepare them today?

Rose & Pistachio Puff Pastry Cream Horns

Our final fusion dessert idea is the Rose & Pistachio Puff Pastry Cream Horn. It is a simple dessert dish with an easy cream horn prepared from readymade puff pastry. You just need to wrap it around a mould and air fry it until it becomes golden flakey.

Of course, you can’t forget the fillings inside the pastry. You can fill it with some creamy rose and pistachio shrikhand filling. This depends on your mood & requirements. Go on, and impress your family with your pastry cream dish.


I hope you enjoyed reading my easy Indian fusion desserts. Remember to have fun when preparing them with your family. Get everybody along and give each one a task to do. This way, you can be occupied in an educational, but fun dessert project.

Allow your creativity & imagination to overflow with these fusion desserts. After all, they are called fusion desserts for a reason.

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