How to Hire the Best Criminal Lawyer for Domestic Violence Cases in Regina?

Domestic violence is a very serious issue all over the world, and Regina is no different. On average, the Regina Police Service (RPS) received 18 calls of domestic conflicts in 2021. You can see and feel the impact of this issue throughout the shelter programs in the city.

Are you looking for a criminal lawyer in Regina for your domestic violence case? If you are, we are here to help you. Here, we will discuss domestic violence and tell you how to get the best lawyer for your case.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence refers to the charges against a family member or a current or former partner in a romantic relationship. The crown and the court are very serious about the domestic criminal charges. On the other hand, the same criminal charges in a non-domestic context are not serious.

According to the Justice Department, almost 50% of the domestic violence complainants are former or current spouses. Children, siblings, and other family members are the rest of them. Statistics Canada shows that out of 4 intimate partner violence reports, 3 of them are allegations of common assault. Also, the complainant has little to no injuries.

What is the Investigation Process for Domestic Violence Charges in Regina?

Normally, the victim or a witness initiates the process of allegation of domestic violence charges. They contact the local police department of Regina and report the issue. The police will ask for a written/ audio/ video statement of the victim or witness to start the investigation.

The police will interview all the witnesses and check the surveillance camera footage for evidence. If any weapon is involved in this, they will seize it and get medical documentation of the victim. The police will arrest the accused if they find valid evidence of the crime. 

If the accused is absent, they will track him/her down or issue a warrant. In both cases of being accused or victim of this issue, you have to hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Regina.

How to Hire the Best Criminal Lawyer?

Hiring the best criminal lawyer is a very sensitive and important step for both the accused and the victim. The result of your case highly depends on the lawyer and his skills. Below, there is a step-by-step guide to the process. If you follow these steps, you will surely get the best lawyer for your case.

Proper Research 

Before hiring someone, the first step is to search for all the available criminal lawyers in your area. You can ask your friends or family for recommendations. Also, you can search for lawyers online to get a clear idea.

Experience and Expertise

Shortlist the lawyers based on their real-life experience on your case. Real-life experience is unique and adds to a lawyer’s knowledge and expertise. An experienced lawyer is more likely to win than an inexperienced lawyer.

Look at the Track Record

You can check the reviews of the people who faced similar issues like you. You can also check different lawyer’s websites to see their professionalism and reviews.

Meet the Potential Candidates

When you are done shortlisting the lawyers, you must meet them in person. Explain your case and ask for their insights. Make sure to ask all your questions regarding your case and their qualifications.

Check their Fee Structure 

A lawyer’s expenses depend on many variables. However, the potential lawyer must have a clear and straightforward fee outline. It will help you understand how much it will cost and make a preferable decision.

Commitment and Dedication 

A dedicated lawyer will walk the extra mile for you to win the case. They will provide proper and in-depth advice and help you succeed in the case. A good lawyer can foresee and understand the opponent’s strategy and prepare you for that.

Last Words

Hiring a proper lawyer for your case is equally important for both the accused and the victim. An experienced and skilled lawyer can turn the tables for you from small details. As the case outcome can change your life, you shouldn’t take it lightly. Pick your lawyer correctly, and justice will surely be served to you.


What should I ask my potential lawyer?

You can ask any questions you may have about your case. You can also ask about his/her experience in similar cases. Besides, make sure to ask about the payment and total probable expenses.

Whom should I call first in the situation of domestic violence?

First, you should collect evidence of the violence. Make a video or record an audio as proof of the crime. Then, call the local police and ask for their help. It is the best idea to have some evidence before calling the police.

What resources are available for victims?

Surviving domestic abuse victims have a lot of options. They can go to shelters for safety and look for other options through different support groups. Also, the police and justice system will try their best to serve justice.

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