How to play Sic Bo 789BET Helps you master the game

How to play Sic Bo 789BET hit helps participants have interesting experiences when participating in entertainment on online platforms. Article by 789BET will guide you with tips and strategies to become a good player with a high winning rate. Let’s look forward to it!

What is online Sic Bo?

Online Sic Bo is a popular online game where you make predictions about the results of the dice. Players will have many different options, specifically betting on Over, if they think the total score is from 11 to 17, or betting Under when predicting the result from 4 to 10. The outcome of each game depends entirely on randomness of the dice.

Games provided by online bookmakers give bettors interesting experiences. Because of their random nature, when participating, you need to understand the rules, have strategies as well as how to play Sic Bo. 789BET to optimize your chances of winning.

Basic bets in the game

In the Tai Xiu game, there are a number of different popular bets that members can choose from, for example:

Over/Under Betting

In how to play Sic Bo 789BET, Over/Under betting is considered one of the easy options to participate that is often popular with players. At this point, you just need to predict the total score of the dice rolled to choose the door, specifically:

  • Bet Over: You believe that the total score of the dice will be between 11 and 17. When you win, you will receive a payout ratio of 1:1, which is an amount equal to the original bet.
  • Betting Under: On the contrary, when betting Under, it means predicting that the total score of the dice will be from 4 to 10.

Triple bet

Betting on threes is a special form of playing Sic Bo 789BET. You bet by predicting that all three sides of the dice will be the same after they are rolled. This is considered one of the most difficult options, but has very attractive payout rates. The payouts are usually very high, often 1:30 or more, if you guess which particular number will appear in a triple.

Order in pairs

It is one of the ways to play Sic Bo 789BET Simple, popular, betting in pairs gives you the expectation that the final result will have two identical dice. You can choose any or specific pair according to inference with a bonus ratio of 1:11 or 1:20.

Select by total

This is a form where the bettor places a bet on a specific total score that he believes the final result will appear after the dice are rolled. The choice of this method can be based on the player’s analysis of the frequency of dice appearing on a particular strategy.

Bet on any number – How to play Sic Bo 789BET

In this type, people choose a specific number when they predict that one of the total points of the three dice after rolling will be the number they have chosen. Provides a higher chance of winning, and the payout rate depends on the frequency of the selected number.

How to play Sic Bo 789BET bring efficiency to players

Playing Sic Bo online can be fun and exciting if you apply the following tips to increase your chances of winning:

Financial management

Understand how to play Sic Bo 789BET, when participating, members need to set a specific budget before starting. This means you determine a fixed amount of money you are willing to spend without affecting your daily life or finances.
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You have definitely determined the amount of capital and followed it strictly. Absolutely never exceed the initial bet amount, whether you win or lose. When the player reaches the budget limit, stop and do not try to build up by placing more without careful consideration.

Always maintain calm

In all matters when playing Sic Bo, everyone’s decisions should be based on intelligence instead of emotions. Don’t let fear or greed influence too many bettors’ decisions. This means that participants’ budgets need to be reduced to keep morale up even when mistakes are made.

Control your time well – How to play Sic Bo 789BET

Playing Sic Bo can become an addictive risk, easily causing you to lose control of time. To avoid this situation, set up a frame time tool to enter the game and be able to provide tricks strictly. This helps bettors maintain balance between entertainment or other activities in life.


How to play Sic Bo 789BET Based on understanding and combining detailed tactics, by applying the right tips, you can maximize the odds of receiving big rewards. Let’s 789BET Join this exciting game experience and enjoy the joy of victory!

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