New88 – The Most Professional and Quality Bookmaker Today

For players who are passionate about online betting, the name is no longer unfamiliar to New88. One of the reputable bookmakers in the online betting market today. The perfect playground for players to entertain and experience new and exciting games. Let’s learn about this house right away with okvip.

Introducing the top 1 reputable bookmaker New88 in Vietnam

When mentioning the most prestigious bookmaker address in Vietnam in particular and Asia in general, we cannot ignore New88. The house has always maintained its performance since its establishment, constantly improving to meet the needs of players.

Introducing bookmaker New88

Đối tác New88 is under the management of M.A.N Entertainment Group – a multinational entertainment corporation, headquartered in the heart of Manila, Philippines. The number of members registering to join the house is increasing and shows no signs of stopping. With more than 10 million members in Vietnam, it is considered a reputable, safe and transparent playground.

Before operating in the Vietnamese market, New88 was present in all major, demanding markets such as China, Korea, Thailand,… The house continuously received many noble awards from Asean. Operator or Asian Live Gaming Operator of the Year. One of the proofs of the bookmaker’s success. Furthermore, New88 is also recognized for its reputation by the European organization Isle of Man.

Highlights at New88

What outstanding advantages does New88 have in gaining the love of players? Below are some reasons why this house is always the leading address for online betting fun.

Simple, eye-catching interface

Possessing an interface with orange and black main tones brings elegance and dynamism. Product categories are always represented by different color tones, there is always a variety of colors to keep players from feeling bored. Bookmaker New88 also develops additional software that runs on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

This is also a plus point that attracts many players to New88 because this helps players have access to play anytime, anywhere. With just a Smartphone, you can satisfy your entertainment passion. The language system is also diverse, including Vietnamese.

Realistic, vivid 3D images, moderate game capacity, so when loading the game players will not encounter lag situations.

Privacy policy is absolutely safe at New88

With an extremely modern security and privacy system, New88 bookmaker ensures that all information from customers is never leaked. All information that players register at New88 is completely encrypted. Plus, the function to hide customer information has also been updated.

Privacy policy is absolutely safe at New88

New88 always puts the interests of players first by offering a series of privacy policies and terms. This means that hackers cannot steal user information. This house has also pledged not to buy or sell user information to make purchases with third parties for any reason.

Outstanding promotional programs

As mentioned above, New88 has extremely strong financial potential, so this house often offers great incentives and promotions for participating members. In addition to promotions for new members, this house also continuously launches incentives for long-time players. Specifically, the promotions are below:

Dedicated customer care service 24/7

In order to give players the best experience, New88’s customer service system always operates in the most effective way. All questions and problems that players encounter related to the playing process will be answered by the staff in the most detailed detail to find a solution for you. Players can contact New88’s customer service service via: email, hotline, Skype, Zalo.

Dedicated customer care service 24/7

Sponsor for big brands

In addition to being a reputable bookmaker, New88 is also known as a sponsor of famous clubs. There have been many famous football players who have become brand ambassadors of this house. Messi is also one of the football stars who brought New88’s name to the world.

Super fast payment

The betting playground is transparent, fair and has strong financial potential. New88 focuses quite heavily on payments. Coming to New88, players always feel satisfied when experiencing the house’s payment facilities.

Deposit and withdrawal transactions take place quickly, the house is affiliated with large and small banks in Vietnam. Besides, there are many different payment methods, creating the most convenient conditions for players to participate.


Above is an article introducing New88, a reputable and quality bookmaker for you to place your trust in. Hopefully with the information shared above you can better understand this reputable house. I Hope you have wonderful moments of entertainment. Thank you for following and paying attention to the article.

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