What is Bach Thu Lo? Super Great Tips for Catching White Lottery Players at New88

Lottery has many different types of play. Recently, many new players often ask about the lottery method Bach Thu lottery?. Questions related to arrays Bach Thu lottery will be shared by experts after synthesizing from many elders in the lottery industry and answered immediately below.

What is Bach Thu Lottery and how to play it?

For new players, simply understand this as just playing one card and waiting for the results. Playing like this also has some disadvantages and advantages as follows.

Regarding disadvantages: Only for those who play for fun, or take the risk of playing one card and winning, but the risk rate is much higher. You must read carefully and accept the risk of not betting on any extra numbers.

Advantages: Spend less capital instead of betting on 3-4 numbers, only choose 1 number to play, you can put money to bet on 1 number after careful prediction so that when you win, you will get more money.

How much can you eat?

Bach Thu lottery When you play at New 88, you will have a much higher win rate than outside. More so when playing Bach Thu lottery At the bookmaker, players can rest assured with top reputation, licensed to operate legal business in the field of online betting.

Players will not have to worry about losing money when playing. Moreover, deposits and withdrawals at the house are all through their bank accounts, so they are very quick and diverse. Along with a series of lottery promotions for players that are only available New88 just did it.

Furthermore, the house also has an application for phones that allows players to play anytime, anywhere, saving a lot of time, effort and convenience for players.

When recording outside, 1 point is equivalent to 23,000 and winning 70,000. But at New88, betting 1 point is 27 thousand and winning is 98 thousand, so the win rate is much higher than outside.

Long-term players should register for a playing account to get the highest profit.

Share super good tips for catching white lottery players at New88

There are quite a few types of catches Bach Thu lottery widely shared, but after synthesizing, New88 experts share the following secret.

Looking at the double lotteries

This method relies on the “dumb” heads and tails of the previous day to serve the purpose of catching the next day.

Specific example: the Northern lottery has 27 prizes. There are many days when one number does not give any prize from 0-9, then the next day I will have a basis to bet on double numbers (the second number does not give any number, then the next day). Bet on lottery number 22), the same applies to other numbers.

Look in a diamond shape

With this method, the numbers will be arranged in 3 consecutive solutions to create a diamond shape. In fact, when using this method, you will have a high chance of winning because you will appear less and catch more people, so you will be able to detect its signs.
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Check out the awards

In addition to the above method, catch Bach Thu lottery Through the prizes, you should pay attention to the 7th prizes and special prizes, these are core numbers that can be put together according to the rules.

For example: 1 number in prize 7 combined with the special prize will be able to win for 3-5 days, pay attention to the rule of 2-3 days before, if the combination will come out evenly then you can play white, otherwise If it comes out mixed up, you should consider lining it up. Or choose another bridge that comes out every 3-4 days Bach Thu lottery then confidently hit the bridge whenever it breaks.

Ways to catch Bach Thu lottery The above is also based on experience, new players should learn carefully and learn gradually. Please read more and gradually accumulate knowledge to have the highest chance of winning.

Be confident in the bets you have learned and followed. Refer to previous articles about lottery to get the best evaluation of bets and bookmaker selection. New88 Play and win big prizes!

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